Frequently Asked Questions

Q: I have a 20-acre parcel of land; I want to give my children one-acre tracts. Can I divide the 20-acre parcel for them to build houses?

A: Yes, you can subdivide the property if allowed by the governing restrictions or covenants. However, you may not be able to construct any improvements such as houses, commercial structures, etc, until the entire tract is re-platted and or re-zoned. Some of the reasons for a new plat or amending a plat are as follows:

  • New address needed for local utility companies (water, electricity, phone, TV).

  • Proper taxing records for the local appraisal districts.

  • State and local codes may require the subdividing of property, etc.

There may also be other factors determined by local governments. Failure to thoroughly understand platting process may result in unnecessary delays and aggravation.